Salt and Light: How Caring for Others Can Change Your Intimacy with God
For more than 20 years, I’ve cared for a daughter with severe disabilities. Rachel has changed my life, my faith, and my outlook on my relationships with God and other people. Yet even women who care for perfectly healthy families tell me that caregiving can crack open whole new places in your heart and mind. As I share Rachel’s story, I weave into it applications from Scripture and the wisdom learned from everyday lives in hopes of showing women how even simple tasks can open their hearts to God.

A Legacy of Faith and Love: Simple Ways to Pass on Our Gifts from God
My mother left me with a beautiful legacy of faith and needlework. In seeking someway to preserve and honor that, I wrote My Mother’s Quilts. But all of us have a legacy to leave those who come behind us, from the ways we share our faith to the gifts God has generously bestowed upon us.

Paul’s Pointers for Success: Or…why God’s Apostle Was Not the Original Male Chauvinist Pig
The life and letters of the Apostle Paul are some of the most studied sections of the Bible. Yet even scholars overlook how intensely he supported and cared about women in the faith. By taking a close look at his instructions to all believers as well as his relationships with women, I demonstrate how Paul wanted women to succeed in the faith as well as in life, and I offer four of his instructions up as examples we should follow on a daily basis.

The 60-Second Christian: How One Minute a Day with God Can Renew Your Faith and Life
In the busyness of our daily lives, most women don’t think they have time to read a devotional or study the Bible. Yet reading most published devotionals takes less than 60 seconds, and can be done at a red light, waiting on a child – or even the microwave. Let me show you – with humor and Scripture – how these one-minute breaks with God can change your day…and maybe even your life.

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