Cinderella vs. Trinity: Two Sides of the Same Heroine
Ten reasons that Cinderella and Trinity (from The Matrix) aren’t that different and how those similarities can turn a heroine into a character that will win the hearts of readers and editors alike.

Deconstructing Paul: What God’s Apostle Can Teach Writers about Writing
Paul’s passion for his subject, his attention to details, and his awareness of his audience can be a primer for excellent writing. The class will focus on the four Ps of Paul’s letters: Passion (Love your art), Perfection (Know your craft), Pitch (Know your audience), Persistence (Never give up).

God as Jigsaw: Putting a Writing Career Together with God’s Pieces
Using my own wide and varied writing career as an example, I draw on Scripture and the practical side of publishing to show how God’s path for us as writers is almost always unexpected and difficult, although there’s a tremendous beauty in the result.

Tearing Down the Walls
A writer is an entrepreneur, and like anyone starting out in business, we will encounter brick walls that threaten to bring a halt to our work and our dreams. Those brick-wall moments happen to everyone. They’re a normal part of the process. Success is often a matter of understanding how to tear those brick walls down so they become much less intimidating. Instead of stopping us cold, they often become something closer to speed bumps.

A Legacy of Writing and Faith
Writing is more than a calling, more than a career. It’s also our legacy. As is our faith. This keynote address the ways we can honor both the past and the future with the work we are doing today.

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