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A Cut Above: Taking Your Craft to the Next Level Intended as a small, continuing class over several days, this workshop is an intense, interactive practicum for troubleshooting plot and character development. Participants should have a finished manuscript and specific questions about criticisms they’ve received or changes they want to make. They must be willing […]

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Once upon a time, I thought of myself as shy. Now when I say that, people laugh. Maybe because now I can stand in front of 300 people, sharing my words. If you think your women’s group or writer’s conference would be interested in any of these topics, please let me know. For Women Salt […]

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Welcome to my home on the web! I love making people laugh and sigh. I want to engage people with stories that thrill them, inspire them, and make them dream. Y’see, I come from a long line of storytellers. At any family gathering, you could find me on the porch with the yarn spinners. My […]

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