Welcome to my home on the web! I’m glad you stopped in, whether you were curious about me, my books, my blog, or anything else I might write.

Y’see, I come from a long line of storytellers. At any family gathering, you could find me on the porch with the yarn spinners. My mother tells me that by the time I was three, I began making up my own stories.

welcomeIn fact, most of the pictures taken of me during that time caught me either mid-tale or mid-song. This one was taken at a “dinner on the grounds,” an old Southern tradition that mostly involves folks partying after church with enough food to feed everyone two or three times over. Someone had asked me to sing. I was about three, and, boy, did those crinolines itch!

I love making people laugh and sigh. I want to engage people with stories that thrill them, inspire them, and make them dream.

Becoming a writer was merely a matter of time. The mysteries came first, followed by the romances, science fiction, and non-fiction. I’ve sold biographical sketches and a whole passel of devotionals. I enjoy teaching new writers and encouraging established ones.

So I hope you’ll “set a-spell,” and maybe find something you like.